CERTIFIED GHG Accounting and Carbon Markets Practitioner

GHG Accounting and Carbon markets are an important part of addressing climate change globally. The field is evolving with new technologies and developing concepts continuously. To comprehend and integrate these concepts in your industry is gaining paramount importance for your journey towards NETZero. The objective of this course is to empower you to integrate the concepts of GHG Accounting and carbon markets in your company and find ways to manage footprints internally and via carbon trade in the international markets.

Dates: 26th February to 1st March 2024

Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm PST

Mode: Online live sessions on Zoom with recordings available for 5 years+


Regular: $195

Group booking: $150


Understanding the overview and trends in carbon markets

Identifying and mapping scope emissions - SCOPE 1,2,3

GHG accounting calculation

Carbon credits accreditation process

Carbon trade internationally

Technologies and innovative solutions to automate the process


  • Corporates, 
  • NGOs,
  • Consultants,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Students

Course Curriculum



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Dr Brooke Newman, 

Founder and CEO Before3020 

Dr. Brooke Newman, DNP, is a senior sustainability executive and global entrepreneur with one and a half decades of private, public, and philanthropic (PPP) experience, innovating enterprise supply chain management for the triple bottom line – people, planet, plus profit. She focuses on solving the industry agnostic problem: supply chain waste and carbon emissions through her operational real-time technologies, predictive modelling, and system for reverse logistics.  

She questions and improves the status quo if enterprises or governments are not socially responsible, placing significance on your value chain (both financial and perceived customer value). Dr. Brooke is known for sustainability strategy and execution for purpose-driven Fast Moving Consumer Goods, banking, oil and gas, healthcare & life sciences, consultancy firms, and others, leading to sustainable outcomes for clients, strategic partners, and investors. Her passion and purpose lead her to advance the UN’s SDGs through digital twin technology, predictive modeling, and system for reverse logistics with her team of doctoral-prepared change agents, resulting in social, environmental, and financial returns far before 3020.

She is a change agent rather than a consultant, achieving sustainable social and financial alpha for public and private consumers. Her entrepreneurial approach to commercializing the triple bottom line resulted in incorporating Before3020, Inc., an enterprise supply chain management firm incorporated as a global Public Benefit Corporation. Her team of thirteen works from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Denmark, Africa, and the Philippines for global representation, strategy, and evidence-based operations. Her team combines deep backgrounds in sustainability, finance, public policy, human rights, healthcare, diversity, equity & inclusion, research, organizational psychology, etc., for a holistic approach to solving clients' sustainability pain points.

She is Before3020, Inc.’s Founder and CEO; a member of the ASEAN CEO Club; an advisory board member to an artificial intelligence company; a published international author in scientifically rigorous journal articles; and, previously, a technology innovation consultant. Brooke is focused on achieving the triple bottom line #farbefore3020.