Covid19 Pandemic: Transforming CSR and Sustainability to the new reality

Up skill yourself with the Transformations in CSR and Sustainability practices across the globe during and post the Pandemic!

Course schedule:  31st August to 5th September 2020 -   2 hours per day

Recorded Course Fee - $59.95 or INR 5000/-

CSR and Sustainability in the NEW ERA!

COVID-19 has increased the emphasis on both Corporate Stakeholder engagement and Public Sustainable Development which is a global challenge. In order to empower the stakeholders to transform more to business sustainability Dr. Michael Hopkins would enable us to understand the new ways to create Corporate and Public Strategies for the Future.  This training will introduce, and be based upon, Dr Hopkins’ new book on CSR and the Big Issues of the Day.


-       Concepts of CSR, Sustainable Development and links to the Big Issues of the Day

-       Understanding the present challenges from the strategy to the operational management level.

-       Efficient and effective digitilisation IT intervention to promote CSR and Sustainability

-       Managing and transforming during Pandemic as workplace changes from office t home

New Digital Economy's impact on CSR and Sustainability.
Organizational Location of Responsible Business concepts and moving from theory to operations
Global Perspectives on CSR and Sustainability
Implement Responsible Leadership concepts  in the new Strategy
Project selection criteria for CSR
Case studies, Practical implementation, Group Discussions, LIGC 


-   Corporates - Multinationals

-       CSR Practitioners

-       Entrepreneurs, MSMEs

-       Post Graduate Students

-       NGOs and Social Enterprises

Course schedule:  31st August to 5th September 2020 -   2 hours per day

Recorded Course Fee - $59.95 or INR 5000/-


Concepts of CSR, Sustainable Development and the role of Responsible Leadership
  • How to choose and treat key stakeholders?
  • The Role of Responsible Leadership in Social responsibility of companies, NGOs and Government
  • Session 1
  • Session 1
Organizational Location of above concepts and moving from theory to operations
  • Links to Operations Management
  • Links to Human Resources
  • Links to Marketing
  • Session 2
  • Session 2 (contd)
  • Assessment 2
Round table with the Thought Leaders: The New Digital Economy and impact on CSR and Sustainability
  • -CSR is more than CSR Projects, but how should those Projects change for the new Future?
  • How does a company selects which is the best CSR project – Selection criteria and methodology
  • Digitization measurement, monitoring and reporting
  • Session 3
  • Assessment - 3
Group Discussions and Case studies
  • Pandemic – Risk mitigation during COVID19
  • Case studies Indian and International
  • Session 4
  • Assessment - 4
Impact measurement and toward a new strategy
  • Workshop - Practical implementation and a new strategy to implement CSR to achieve Sustainability
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Session 5
Live Interaction with Global Change makers
  • Felicitation Ceremony
  • Assessment - 5
  • Comprehensive Presentations (Session 1 to Session 5)

About Trainer

Dr. Michael Hopkins, Entrepreneur | Author | Keynote Speaker

 Appointed Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London  (2019)

-       Lifetime achievement award in 2014 from Delhi University for his work on “CSR and employment” and then an Honorary Doctorate from London. Nominated as one of the world’s Top 100 thought leaders, 2013 by Forbes.

-       Adjunct/Visiting Professor of CSR at George Mason University, Virginia, USA, the Management University of Africa in Nairobi and the Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi. 

-       Professorships (Middlesex, Brunel, Geneva and George Mason Universities.

-       Honorary Doctorate London, Metropolitan University and Ph.D. from Geneva University). 

-       Worked for IBM, ITT, BAT, the United Nations (ILO in Geneva for 13 years as a senior economist), advises UEFA on CSR RESPECT program), and been an academic (IDS, University of Sussex, UK).  Currently CEO MHC International Ltd (London, Geneva, Nairobi). 

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