Web3 accelerating sustainable development


- Initiation in Web3 and setting up your own wallet

- Learn the utilization of Web3 to support your cause

- Link technology with sustainable development

- How to do secure transactions on Web3

- Learn about Decentralized Autonomous organization

- Install and implement Near Protocol

Online Course Early Bird Fee: INR 10000/- INR 8000/- (excl taxes)

Post 15th November'23 - INR 10000/- (excl taxes)

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Web3
  • Transition of Web2 to Web3
  • Concepts of Non-Fungible tokens
  • Setting up wallets
  • Case studies of application of Web3 in Sustainable development
  • Video Session 1
  • Presentations Session 1
How to use Utility NFTs to create new streams of revenue
  • Real-world utilities can be transformed into digital assets
  • How to market utility NFTs through a live demonstration
  • How to create a successful utility NFT project
  • Video Session 2
  • Presentation Session 2
NEAR Protocol and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
  • Introduction to NEAR Protocol and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
  • Wallet / Crypto safety security
  • I-AM-HUMAN - Verifying authentic individual proof-of-humanness
  • Assigning Bounties - an autonomous escrow that rewards task-completing members
  • Transfer Process
  • Video Session 3
  • Presentation 3
Web3 for artists and Artificial Intelligence
  • Web3 for Artists and Creators
  • Untitled Chapter
  • Using a DAO and Treasury to self-seed and self-resource projects
  • Artificial Intelligence as a useful professional assistant
  • Video Session 4
  • Presentation Session 4
How to use Web3 powered Cybersecurity to protect your data and assets
  • Latest cyber threats and how users can protect their data and assets from cyber threats
  • Data encryption, network security and firewall would be explained through a live demo
  • How to use AI to create immersive and engaging experiences in Web3
  • Video Session 5
  • Presentation 5


- Chief Information officers

- Corporates

- NGOs

- Enthusiastic students

- Graphic Artists

- Musicians

Cyber security
Transfer proposal
NEAR protocol

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Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

Instant Access to the course

Course completion certificate post successful completion

Life long access years access to the course

Community support and group learning experience with a vibrant group of like-minded students

Complete course to make you learn the Web3 linking with sustainable development

Online Course Early Bird Fee: INR 10000/- INR 8000/- (excl taxes)

Post 15th November'23 - INR 10000/- (excl taxes)

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